Liederbuch/ Star Of The County Down

The Star Of The County Down


Alte irische Ballade Text: Cathal Garvey (1866-1927) Melodie: trad. bearbeitet von Mjchael und Paniolo 

Gitarre Ukulele (gcea) Ukulele (adf#h)
Em C G D
Em C G D


1st Verse
Near[Em]Banbridge[C]town in the[G]County[D]Down
One[Em]mornin' last Ju-[D]ly,
Down a[Em]boreen[C]green came a[G]sweet col-[D]leen
And she[Em]smiled as she[C]passed[D]me[Em]by.[1]
She[G]looked so sweet from her[D]two bare feet
To the[Em]sheen of her[C]nut-brown[D]hair.
Such a[Em]coaxin'[C]elf, sure I[G]shook my[D]self
For to[Em]see if I was[C]real-[D]ly[Em]there.
From[G]Bantry Bay up to[D]Derry Quay
And from[Em]Galway to[C]Dublin[D]town,
No[Em]maid I've[C]seen like the[G]brown col-[D]leen[2]
That I[Em] met in the[C]Coun-[D]ty[Em]Down.
2nd Verse
As she[Em]onward[C]sped, sure I[G]scratched my[D]head
And I[Em]looked with a[C]feelin'[D]rare.
And I[Em]says, says[C]I, to a[G]passer-[D]by
"Who's the[Em]maid with the[C]nut[D]brown[Em]hair?"
He[G]smiled at me and[D]then, says he,
"That's the[Em]gem of the[C]Ireland's[D]crown,
Young[Em]Rosie Mc-[C]Cann from the[G]banks of the[D]Bann.
She's the[Em]Star of the[C]Coun-[D]ty[Em]Down."   (Chorus)
3rd Verse
She'd a[Em]soft brown[C]eye and a[G]look so[D]shy
And a[Em]smile like the[C]rose in[D]June.
And you[Em]hung on each[C]note from her[G]lily-white[D]throat
As she[Em]lilted an[C]I-[D]rish[Em]tune.
At the[G]pattern dance, you were[D]held in a trance
As she[Em]tripped through a[C]reel or a[D]jig.
And when her[Em]eyes she'd[C]roll, she'd coax up-[G]on my[D]soul
A[Em]spud from a[C]hung-[D]ry[Em]pig   (Chorus)
4th Verse
I've [Em]traveled a[C]bit, but[G]never was[D]hit
Since my[Em]roving[C]career be-[D]gan.
But[Em]fair and[C]square I sur-[G]rendered[D]there
To the[Em]charm of young[C]Ro-[D]sie Mc-[Em]Cann.
With a[G]heart to let and no[D]tenant yet
Did I[Em]meet within[C]shawl or[D]gown,
But[Em]in she[C]went and I[G]asked no[D]rent
From the[Em]Star of the[C]Coun-[D]ty[Em]Down   (Chorus)
5th Verse
At the[Em]Harvest[C]Faire she'll be[G]surely[D]there,
So I'll[Em]dress in my[C]Sunday[D]clothes.
With my[Em]shoes shone[C]bright and my[G]hat cocked[D]right,
For a[Em]smile from my[C]nut-[D]brown[Em]rose.
No[G]pipe I'll smoke; no[D]horse I'll yoke
'Til my[Em]plow is a[C]rust-colored[D]brown,
'Til my[Em]smilin'[C]bride by my[G]own fire-[D]side
Sits the[Em]Star of the[C]Coun-[D]ty[Em]Down   (Chorus)

Der Autor ist vor über siebzig Jahren verstorben. Daher bestehen keine Urheberrechtsansprüche mehr an diesem Werk.

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  1. Einfacher:
    And she[G]smiled as she[D]passed me[Em]by.
  2. auch fair colleen oder sweet colleen o.a.m.