Liederbuch/ Old Folks At Home

Offizielles Lied des Staates Florida seit 1935 Alternativtitel: (Way Down Upon the) Swanee River  •  Text und Melodie: Stephen Foster (1851 publ.) bearbeitet von Paniolo 

Gitarre Ukulele (gcea)
C F G7

Old Folks At Home

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Wikipedia hat einen Artikel zum Thema:
Publikation von 1851

1st Verse
[C]'Way down upon the [F]Swanee River, [C]far, far a-[G7]way
[C]That's where my heart is [F]turning ever, [C]that's where the [G7]old folks [C]stay
[C]All up and down the [F]whole creation, [C]sadly I [G7]roam
[C]Still longing for the [F]old plantation, [C]and for the [G7]old folks at [C]home
[G7]All the world is [C]sad and dreary, [F]everywhere I [C]roam [G7]
[C]Oh! Lordy, how my [F]heart grows weary, [C]far from the [G7]old folks at [C]home
2nd Verse
[C]All 'round the little [F]farm I wandered, [C]when I was [G7]young
[C]Then many happy [F]days I squandered, [C]many a [G7]song I [C]sung
[C]When I was playing [F]with my brother, [C]happy was [G7]I
[C]Oh! take me to my [F]kind old mother, [C]there let me [G7]live and [C]die   (Chorus)
3rd Verse
[C]One little hut a-[F]mong the bushes, [C]one that I [G7]love
[C]Still sadly to my [F]mem'ry rushes, [C]no matter [G7]where I [C]rove
[C]When will I see the [F]bees a-humming [C]all a-[C]round the [G7]comb?
[C]When will I hear the [F]banjo strummin' [C]down in my [G7]good old [C]home?   (Chorus)